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Cell Phone Battery Charger

Product Description

    This type of cell phone battery charger circuit is mainly formed by rectification / switching circuit, zener / overflow protective circuit and charging circuit, the input voltage is AC220V, 50/60Hz, output voltage is DC4.2V, output current can reach 500mA. Diodes and transistors and Zener IC of KEXIN can be applied at this circuit widely.

Cell Phone Battery Charger Circuit Diagram

KEXIN components that can be applied to

Power Rectification, Switching Circuit

Function Description
1N4007 1A Rectification Diode, Vr:1000V DO-41/SMA
FR107 1A Reverse Recovery Diode, Vr:1000V DO-41/SMA
MJE13001 NPN Switching Transistor 400V/0.2A TO92
MJE13003 NPN Switching Transistor 400V/1.5A TO126

Zener/ Overflow Protective Circuit

Function Description
1N4148 High Speed Switching Diode SOD323/DO-34
BZT55C5V6 5.6V Zener Diode LL34
2SC1815 NPN High Frequency Transistor SOT23/TO92
2SC945 NPN Small Power Amplifier Transistor SOT23/TO92
MMBT2222 NPN Switching Transistor SOT23/TO92
DTC144ECA Digital Transistor SOT323
PC817 Optical Coupler DIP04/SOP4
LM358 Dual Option Amplifier DIP08/SOP8
TL431 Three-Terminal Voltage Regulator SOT23/TO92
TL432 Three-Terminal Voltage Regulator SOT23

Charging Circuit

Function Description
BZT55C7V5 7.5V Zener Diode LL34
SS14 1A Schottky Diode SMA
SB260 Schottky Rectification Diode 60V/2A DO-15/SMB
MMBT8550 PNP Transistor, Ic 0.5A/0.8A/1A/1.5A SOT23
78L05 Three-Terminal Voltage Output SOT89/TO92