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Vehicle DVD

Product discription

Vehicle DVD is DVD system which is installed in cars, can be used to watch TV, listen to News and music, or watch traditional DVD films. Vehicle DVD can be divided to embedded type and hanging type from installing way. It can also be divided to salver type and suck type from dish-reading way. Suck type can save the dish better than salver type in comparing. Vehicle DVD included more advance technique than normal DVD, especially in quakeproof, energy saving and heatproof, etc. Diodes and transistors and Zener IC of KEXIN can be applied at this circuit widely.

Vehicle DVD circuit diagram

KEXIN components that can be applied to


Function description
Packing case
1N4148 Switching diode£¬75V/150mA LL34/SOD123/DO-35
BAV99 Switching diode£¬75V/215mA SOT23
BAT54C/S Schottky diode£¬30V/200mA SOT23
1N5819 Schottky diode£¬40V/1A SMA
SK34 Schottky diode£¬40V/3A SMA
1N5822 Schottky diode£¬40V/3A SMA
KMM5231B Zener diode£¬5.1V LL34
KMM5235B Zener diode£¬6.8V LL34
1N5240B Zener diode£¬10V DO-35


Function description
Packing case
KST8050S NPN transistor£¬25V/500mA SOT23
S8050 NPN transistor£¬25V/500mA TO92
S8550 PNP transistor£¬25V/500mA TO92
KMBT3904 NPN transistor£¬40V/200mA SOT23
KMBT3906 PNP transistor£¬40V/200mA SOT23
KST9014 NPN transistor£¬45V/100mA SOT23
KST9015 PNP transistor£¬45V/100mA SOT23
KST9018 NPN transistor£¬18V/500mA SOT23
2SB1132 PNP transistor£¬32V/1A SOT89
2SC4672 NPN transistor£¬50V/3A SOT89
KTA1664 PNP transistor£¬30V/800mA SOT89
KTC4375 NPN transistor£¬30V/1.5A SOT89
2SB772 PNP transistor£¬30V/3A TO252
2SD882 NPN transistor£¬30V/3A TO252


Function description
Packing case
2SK3018 N Channel£¬30V/100mA SOT23/SOT323
2N7002 N Channel£¬60V/115mA SOT23
KI2301 P Channel£¬20V/2.4A SOT23
KO3401 P Channel£¬30V/4.2A SOT23
KI9435 Single P Channel£¬30V/5.3A SOP08

Power¡¢option amplifier IC

Function description
Packing case
78L05/08/09/12 Three-terminal voltage output£¬0.1A SOT89
78M05/08/12 Three-terminal voltage output£¬0.5A TO252
LM7808/7812 Three-terminal voltage output£¬1.5A TO220
AMS1117-1.8/3.3 Low differential pressure linearity regulator£¬1A SOT223
LM358 Option amplifier SOP08
KJM3414 Option amplifier SOP08
KJM4558 Option amplifier SOP08