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Product Description

Router is the necessary network equipment in internet, it is a equipment connecting many networks or net bands. It can "translate" data and information among different networks or net bands, in order for understanding each other, as to form a larger network. The two typical functions of router is data route way function and control function. Data route way function includes transmit decisionl, backboard transmit and output chain attemper and so on, usually these are realized by special hardware; Control function is usually realized by software, including information exchange between border routers, system configure, system management and so on. Diodes and transistors and Zener IC of KEXIN can be applied at this circuit widely.

Router circuit diagram

Router system frame

KEXIN components that can be applied to


Function description
Packing case
1N4004 Rectification diode£¬400V/1A DO41
SS14 Schottky diode £¬40V/1A SMA
KLL4148 Switching diode £¬75V/150mA LL34
BAT54C/S Schottky diode £¬30V/200mA SOT23
MMBD7000 Switching diode £¬100V/200mA SOT23
SD12C TVS diode£¬12V SOD323
BZT52C2V4S Zener diode £¬2.4V SOD323


Function description
Packing case
2SB1197K PNP Transistor£¬32V/800mA SOT23
KST8550 PNP Transistor£¬25V/1.5A SOT23
KMBT3904 NPN Transistor£¬40V/200mA SOT23
KMBT3906 PNP Transistor£¬40V/200mA SOT23
BC857B PNP Transistor£¬45V/100mA SOT23
2SB772 PNP Transistor£¬40V/3A SOT89/TO252
2SB1132 PNP Transistor£¬32V/1A SOT89

Power, Option Amplifier IC

Function description
Packing case
MC34063 DC to DC conversion IC,1.5A SOP08